Beaches & Boating

Enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing on our many lakes and ponds. In order to preserve the pristine nature of our lakes and environment, gas powered motors are not permitted.

Elm Beach

Staffed with lifeguards from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, Elm Beach is the largest and most popular beach for sunbathing and swimming at Hemlock Farms. Members can also enjoy volleyball or picnics in the shade under a pavilion. 


Hemlock Hills (boating/fishing only)

Located on the southern end of Hemlock Lake, Hemlock Hills offers some of the best fishing in our community as well as beautiful views of the Lords Valley Country Club and of the lake.


Laurel Ridge

Great for boating and swimming, Laurel Ridge is staffed with lifeguards from the end of June until Labor Day Weekend. The beach offers a beautiful view of the north side of McConnell Lake and is a great spot to picnic with friends and family.


Basswood Cove (boating/fishing only)

Basswood Cove has a beautiful view of the southern end of McConnell Lake and offers great off-shore fishing.


Little Camp Beach

Little Camp Beach is one of our most beautiful facilities. From Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend the beach is staffed with lifeguards for swimming. It's also a great place for families to fish, swim, play games or picnic under a pavilion.


Black Birch Beach (boating/fishing only)

Black Birch Beach has one of the most accessible boat launches in Hemlock Farms and also offers picnic tables near the shore.